Poem by Randy Bynum

December 15, 2023

how to live forever/try not to get shot

fill hummingbird stations.
feed random squirrels.
let a rescue dog adopt you.
keep birdbaths clean.
help a fallen stranger
or someone frantically
watering drought-crisp trees.
	try not to get shot.
yell the word delight out loud.
look up, day or night,
cloudy-basted or clear,
smoke-smudged or fresh.
write the phrase civil rights.
mean them. share them.
bake a pie, give it away.
	try not to get shot.
read history. learn piano.
teach one skill, maybe two.
walk a hidden pathway.
curb a cruel retort and act.
	assume you’ll get shot.
shovel grieving neighbor’s snow.
let the tulips have their say,
catching each red or yellow
petal as they drop, the naked
spires now pointing to skyhome.
whisper to bulbs underground.
	join them.

About Randy Bynum

Randy Bynum is an emerging poet with several collections, including Tulips Talking Behind My Back and a four-volume collection of narrative magical realism poems for older children and imaginative adults: Dragons Who Type: Poems of Whimsy and Wishes. He lives in Portland, OR with wife Dani and rescue dog Coop of the Dump.