Poem by Natalia Prusinska

December 15, 2023

In Preparation for an End

In dry years plants overproduce, fearing they’re going to die off.

I understand their motivation, and Walter Benjamin, who, when faced with the prospect of German invasion, renewed his library card.

This year I made an emergency kit, which takes up what little storage space I had, in case any number of disasters occur.

I even learned how to move money through time.

But I only have one poem memorized in the event we lose all our knowledge, O how desperately I want to live, in the original Russian.

I don’t know the English translation, nor do I speak Russian well enough to explain it.

But I can picture myself, perhaps in some dark, well-stocked basement, releasing its meaning into the air like shot-gunning smoke.

I can picture myself asking aloud, When are you going to have more poetry?, like a mother asking for more grandkids,

				too tired to care for my own words anymore,

		I picture everything answering.

About Natalia Prusinska

Natalia Prusinska is a queer poet. Her work is forthcoming or has appeared in Passages North, Ghost City Review, Jet Fuel Review, Hooligan Magazine, and elsewhere. She lives with her partner in Los Angeles.

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