Poem by Bilal Ansar Khan

December 15, 2023

Muhammadi Breath

Belonging too with human essence de
Fire y black ants. Yo spin bloodline, yo skip landmine, yo walk this line.
Yonder my silk, born darkly
Of a detail to European mind.
Nursing too the natural desire
to goldmine.
Nursing Muhammadi breath
In a Koofi lap, lip-synching
The paper shrine.

Picking up pace with every pen stroke,
Making loose time.

About Bilal Ansar Khan

Bilal Ansar Khan is a poet and novelist pursuing his PhD in Creative Writing at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. He recently completed an MA in Philosophy from Georgia State University. He grew up in Kashmir and Islamabad, Pakistan. He moved to Hong Kong for high school, and finally to the United States to attend Middlebury College.

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