Issue No. 04

fresh HELL
Arboreal Literary Magazine Issue No. 04: Fresh Hell cover


Chad M. Crabtree &
Meredith MacLeod Davidson

Hell: A Refresher


Natalia Prusinska

“In Preparation for an End”

Andrew Alexander Mobbs


Bilal Ansar Khan

“Muhammadi Breath”

Kate Maxwell

“Stick Up”

Misha Lynn Moon

“Trans Girls of the New Abundance”

Suzanne Allen

“Frequent Flyer”

Laura Rockhold

“Turkey Vulture (Hidden Light)”

Sean Eaton


Lev St. Valentine

“And the Coyotes Howled”

Edie Meade

“The Haze”

Charlotte Suttee

“american nomad”

Ruth Towne

“M@rcɘl Jɘ@n’s Mannequin”

Scott Davidson

“Return of the Three-Legged Dog”

Ted Mico

“Hell: The Sequel”
“The Backspace Man’s Not Dead, He’s Typing Quietly”

Randy Bynum

“how to live forever/try not to get shot”

Emilee Kinney

“Ghost Apples”

Emma Bolden

“Screaming Crying Throwing Up”
“The Girls”

Liam Strong

“postcard to Sharon Olds from the logging trail behind the only shitty sports bar in the Arbutus Triangle”

Lisa Kouroupis


Max Kerwien

“I have trouble making something out of suffering.”

Steve Petkus

“Exhibit A”

Ambica Gossain

“We played God.”

Jennifer Blackledge

“Love poem”


Annie Earnshaw

Sugar Flowers

Suzanne C Martinez

Plum Gut

Charlotte Suttee

We Have Always Lived in the Chestnut Tree

Jonathan Humphrey

(A Perplexed Moon Dangles from Threads of Dust)

Ogechi Mgbudem(obi)

The American Dream

Alex Blackwater



Sangmi Yoo

Expression of Escape

Debra Coleman

Soul, Unholy


art by Daniel Malak:

Daniel Malak

and so it goes...

art by Andy Valk:

Andy Valk

Grieving the Created Self

art by Natalie Christensen:

Natalie Christensen

You Can’t Get There From Here

art by Pedro Gomes:

Pedro Gomes

Portrait of Fear