Poem by Tanya Fenkell

August 15, 2023

coup de foudre

I never believed in it, 
the thunderbolt shock, 
that sudden first glance 
too instant, magical, 
a whimsical trick of the mind.

(Hold my butterflies 
while I breathe.) 

ink penetrating paper, blood saturating 
fabric, a slow wet creep, 
waves against sand, a heart’s erosion, 
colours transformed, the sea rises so suddenly, 
all is liquid, and permanent, 

Not a quick blow to the head, 
but chronic, 

About Tanya Fenkell

Tanya Fenkell is a Canadian artist and writer whose work focuses on quiet moments and solitary spaces in the natural world. Tanya’s paintings are exhibited regularly in Ontario, and her poems have appeared in various small journals.

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