Poem by s. m. foran

August 15, 2023

kafka in the snow

i prefer to read kafka
when the snow
has pressed

its billowing bulk
against the sides
of the house

and stillness
itself	        upon the soul.

i imagine
his words as pale

planted well
before the frost,

roots of truth
that dutifully raise their
asparagus flags

through the whiteness,
coughing blooms
of scarlet in the early spring.

About s. m. foran

s. m. foran is an experienced educator with advanced degrees in English and Mythological Studies. A number of his poems and stories have appeared in a wide variety of literary publications, including Between, The Blotter, Candor, Euphony, Metonym, Portfolio North, and PW Review. Dr. Foran currently lives in Asheville, NC and teaches literature and writing at Montreat College.

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