Poem by Andrew Mauzey & Jeff Stillion

August 15, 2023

Day Dancing in the Santa Ana

A river shallow enough to walk,
the wind drums, dry like relic

bones. Sun in eyes—a slight
invitation. Walk the length,

watch synced to sun. Twelve
hours until night closes this place,

until my shadow dies and the sky
looks down and runs. Look tall,

a scarecrow, stand on feet,
an apparition the water came

to choke. Flash flood, let it in.
It’s a shame we only danced once.

About Andrew Mauzey & Jeff Stillion

Andrew Mauzey and Jeff Stillion make music under the name The Sunday Parade and often adapt the various themes and images of their songs to poetry. Their poems have most recently appeared in Young Ravens Literary Review, Pioneertown, and Ekstasis.

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