Two Poems by Jarett Greenstein

August 15, 2023


Possibility 1:
The first time I told God
to go fuck himself
was when I was seven.
And when I was ten,
I learned we liked
to label things
and to shine lights
in places where
our imagination
casts darker shadows.
When I was thirteen, I thought maybe
we came up with God because we couldn’t
stand to look at our shit flinging neighbors
and stomach that maybe we weren’t so far off.

Possibility 2:
And it was when my heart
felt like it was boiling over

when I thought maybe he is
out there. That’s when
I learned how God was born.

That maybe he is the scaffold
onto which that impossible
gratitude has been cast.

Because we took nature to be deaf
and our neighbor to be equal.

Possibility 3:


when we went wandering
watermelon waterfalls
of overgrown—
when we went worrying
over orange
rinds remiss
in indelibly
cauliflower cheeks
of our overgrown—
when we went walloping
baseball bats
at attacking
bumblebees buzzing
sticking stingers
outside on our overgrown—
when we went whining
to the tulips
where we
tore them
from fucked
baby i’m sorry.

About Jarett Greenstein

Jarett Greenstein received his B.A. from Michigan State University, where he studied Professional Writing and English.

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