Poem by Annamaria R. Quaresima

August 15, 2023

Check Reality

I am bereft of my foamy cap; Decore did not deliver
on that soft serve ice cream hair: dense ivory lather,
shampoo twirled smooth into a kewpie tuft, with a side
of radiant morning singing. I never expected a chorus
shoulder-shimmying, bursting out from behind my sink
in catchy doo-wop song, or to adore a brand I didn’t
use, but I was firm in my bubble-encased (self-image),
forgetting their fragile state, and did not expect such a
paltry display of froth; a woeful Schrödinger’s cappuccino.
And now! My bubble is burst; to think that, in all this time
since a late 80s advertisement, a brief false assurance, I’ve
been sudsing away, for decades, assuming, and I never
thought to seek the mirror’s honest confirming glimmer.
This—is a reminder: check reality with thine own eyes.

About Annamaria R. Quaresima

Annamaria R. Quaresima (she/her) received a PhD in psychology from The University of Adelaide and currently resides in Sydney. She enjoys having more hobbies than time and researching anything. Her work is forthcoming in Red Ogre Review.