Poem by Angela Chaidez Vincent

May 15, 2023

Vanishing Spell

May I know the raspberry center
with chocolate intact.

May I shun the game of ring toss with no prize.

Switchboard of lights, schemes, and magnets:
may my hand fall from the knobs and levers
and return to my side. May I bow my head.

May my glances not weigh overmuch.

May I cease to see the legs of the angle
between she who looks at you, and you staring ahead
as wishbone begging to be snapped.

She who hath all can have no more. May this be 
engraved in my bones. May this lighten me.

May you sense this ghost basket of compliments
when you open to a sound at the door.

About Angela Chaidez Vincent

Angela Chaidez Vincent writes poetry (ARENA GLOW, forthcoming from Tourane Press) and fiction with a background of livelihoods in engineering, mathematics, and programming. Her poetry has appeared in North American Review, 32 Poems, and Bellevue Literary Review, among others.

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