Poem by Andy Perrin

May 15, 2023

Wickford Harbor in January

slate cold darkness
maul cracked by steel sledge

blackish-blue sky
gradients of her soul

cloud streaks pulled by
a fitful palette knife

a chopped sawtooth harbor
veiled by frozen lace

a razor’s edge of orange-red
slices and spills silhouettes of

pilings bracing sailor’s souls
winter’s masts tilted longing
curled chimney smoke from mariner’s pipes
lithe maples and oaks surrendered stance
a resolute steeple

their alter egos stretch
and dance a frenetic jaunt

five geese honk
into another day

About Andy Perrin

Andy Perrin is a writer/photographer/cyclist/teacher who lives in southern Rhode Island. He often explores the world around him on one of his bikes, and his photography and writing often grows from moments of inspiration along a bike ride.

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