Issue No. 01

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The Dead-Tree Edition

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Chad M. Crabtree

The Forest for the Trees


Sarah E N Kohrs

“A Simple Table Stained”
“Therapeutics of a Rent Heart”
“Promising the World”
“Ad Infinitum”

Brian L. Jacobs

“rainbow assassins”

Meredith MacLeod Davidson

“Interim Assistive Care”

Dave Shortt


DS Maolalai

“I’m in love with Benedict Cumberbatch”

Josiah Nelson


August Chaffin


Charlotte Blair

“Can’t Buy That Harley Now”

William Doreski

“Drowned Man Surfacing”
“Loons Scouting on the Windy Lake”
“An Anodized Length of Steel”
“Florida Mystery Object”

Cindy Rene

“holding it in the basin, I waited stroking some of its blackened leaves”

Jennifer Adese

“not a full halfbreed”

Megan Brown

“Faith’s House”

Jonathan Moskaluk

“For My Mother, Big and Little”

Deborah LeFalle

“The Rent-uh (for James Brown)”

Devon Macomb

“de anima”



M. Kolbet

Carousel Luster


Scratchboard rendering of a blue jay by artist Nathan Cole

Nathan Cole

Blue Jay of Catfish Pond

painting by Amuri Morris for Arboreal Literary Magazine Issue One

Amuri Morris

Shelton Johnson Calls

Painting of family at a shopping center by artist Philip Westcott

Philip Westcott

Salford Shopping Centre in the 80s