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person reading book in forest. Text overlay: "Rooted in Verse: Poems About Trees"

Rooted in Verse: Our Favorite Poems About Trees

Trees have long stood as powerful symbols in literature, embodying the beauty, resilience, and complexity of nature. They serve as the backdrop for countless narratives, offering solace, inspiration, and wisdom. In poetry, trees are celebrated not just for their aesthetic appeal but for their ability to convey profound truths about

wheelchair in front of stairway. Text overlay: "The World Is Not Equipped for Me - Jack Anthony"

The World Is Not Equipped for Me

When I walk up the driveway to my mum’s unit, I bypass the front door. It is permanently locked, as no one has stepped—or rolled—through that threshold since Mum (Jeanette) moved in. Its corresponding hallway is too narrow and structurally impossible to widen without knocking through the adjoining walls. *

Interview with Josiah Nelson

Those Small Moments: An Interview with Poet Josiah Nelson

I caught up with Josiah Nelson, who contributed two outstanding poems to the inaugural issue of Arboreal, for a wide-ranging interview. We cover his influences, process, views on the impact of social media on creative writing, and more.