Financial Transparency

Our team is committed to transparency—especially when it comes to financial information. Since we request donations, we believe it is essential that the public has access to information regarding where that donated money goes. 

Listed here are our expenses and sources of income as of December 30, 2023. We will make every effort to update this information regularly.

2023 Expenses

ItemCostFrequencyAnnual Cost
Software Subscriptions$167.99Monthly$2,015.88
CLMP Membership Dues$125.00Annual$125.00
Legal Policies$168.00Annual$168.00
Website Services$239.93Annual$239.93
P.O. Box Rental$182.00Annual$182.00
Bowker ISBNs (10)$295.00One-Off$295.00
Graphic Designer (Contract)$240.00One-Off$240.00
Estimated 2023 Tax Liability$710.06One-Off$710.06

2023 Revenue

Direct Donations$600.00
Expedited Submission Fees & Tip Jar Donations$1,461.41
Print Sales$355.46

* Each of these values represents our net income after processing fees assessed by the respective platforms (i.e., GoFundMe, Submittable, Stripe, and Amazon KDP).

† Issue No. 01 is not included, as we did not accept expedited submissions or tip jar donations during the submission window for that issue. We have also omitted the submission revenue received in December 2023 for Issue No. 05, as the submission window is still open, and those funds will not be made available by Submittable until January 2024. Thus, all revenue generated from Issue No. 05 submissions will be included in our 2024 reporting.